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Anime Expo 2010 Con Report!

Took me long enough to get this up, huh? XD; I was just so exhausted and then I got distracted and stuff but... here it is! Looooong con was long and yet somehow too short at the same time. Overall though, I think this was my best AX to date! I had a blast, and thank you to all my wonderful, wonderful friends for making this con so amazing! I love you all~ ♥♥♥

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Oh, oh, and pleaaase if you have pictures, can you send them to me? :3? I did bring my camera but I didn't carry it around much because I was in costume and I had nowhere to put it (and I hate carrying bags in costume hnngh) so if you have pics of me/us/awesomeness, please please let me know! I can even send you a CD to put them on there or get them off Photobucket or something. Thanks sooo much! <3333


 So…. I went to the beach yesterday with  sani_caranza , konishii , lyceeangel , evanae , itsuka , and  tsubasa_rose ! It was an awesome, all-girls day full of awesomeness and win!

You are all amazing and wonderful people and I adore you! <3333

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